How to Create a Campaign Without Spending Thousands

Influencer marketing has taken the marketing landscape by storm. Considering this relatively new phenomenon made major waves for the first time in 2015 by Airbnb, its continual evolution has kept marketers on their toes.

Considering many influencers have more influence on social media than many celebrities and professional athletes, it’s no wonder many companies have picked up on this highly effective strategy.

Though actors and models may seem more “famous” influencers leverage thousands if not millions of followers, specifically for your niche.

Though influencer campaigns can get up to thousands of dollars, small business owners can take advantage of micro-influencers to leverage influencer marketing.

Ready to start your first campaign? Here’s how.

Identify micro-influencers in your niche:

Micro-influencers actually have higher engagement rates than many larger influencers, considering the changes in the Instagram algorithm. Search for people on your platform of choice by using keywords about your audiences.

Consider your goals:

What are you trying to accomplish with your influencer campaign? Are you trying to generate more revenue? Raise your social following? Identify what you want to accomplish and how you define success with any given campaign.

Contact your influencer by email or DM and make an offer:

Be honest, transparent, and upfront with what you will offer. Though some micro-influencers may be open to free products, consider a budget that you’ll be willing to extend in an offer.

Create a contract:

Even though it may seem like it’s just “social media” influencer marketing is just like any marketing medium, and you are essentially paying for advertising. Make sure expectations are clear, and everything is in writing.

Let the influencer work, and analyze the results:

Influencers work hard on the content they create, and do so to create trust and credibility with their audience. Allow them to use their expertise in posting within the parameters of your contract, and analyze the outcome to continue to manage and execute successful campaigns.