Contrary to popular belief, Facebook isn’t going anywhere.

Despite losing 20 percent of their market share last summer from their data scare, Facebook fills such a large need in the marketplace that no other company has yet to come close to – especially with the customer data they’ve acquired.

That being said, this scare showed marketers just how valuable that data truly is. If you’re ready to see more return on investment from your ads, here’s how to build a successful campaign in 12 minutes or less.

Use Facebook Business Manager to create an ads account:

You can create Facebook ads without a business manager account, but having one will make your life way more simple.

Choose conversions as your objective:

Though being popular on Facebook is nice and the ads you’ll create for sales will come in time, conversions will give you the ROI you need to grow your business. The most important thing you can be doing is driving traffic to your website.

Install Facebook Pixel on your website:

A pixel is essentially a code you can place on your website to optimize your ads based on your traffic. It also allows you to see what actions are most taken once a lead is directed to your website. The more you know about your audience, the better your ads will be.

Create a custom audience:

Facebook will actually allow you to create a lookalike audience. This is huge, considering you can mirror the data of the people already engaged with you on your Facebook page. Facebook will then created a targeted ad toward your ideal audience.

Set a low budget:

You can always adjust over time, but pay attention to the data generated from your first go-around before you waste your money on leads that don’t match your ideal audience.

Create a clear, concise, call to action:

Keep your ad short, sweet, and to the point. Tell your audience exactly what they need to know and then tell them what to do.

Check it once, check it twice, and send your ad on its way. Continue to monitor your results so you can later refine your process.

Here is a video walking you through the process if you are a more visual person!